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Servicing & Repairs

Servicing, Maintenance & Repairs

We service and repair all makes and models of cars using the latest technology combined with years of experience.

Regular servicing is important to keep your car running smoothly and economically, but also helps to protect you from the likelihood of a major breakdown which could prove highly inconvenient, as well as a rather costly repair.

Combined Servicing and MOT Testing

Often we carry out servicing at the same time as MOT testing as it is both more convenient and saves you money. Our experienced team can spot items such as parts wearing, rubber bushes perishing, small leaks and such like which are neither MOT failure points nor part of a normal service.

This attention to detail and foresight can help to keep your car in top condition and on the road.

Full Service or Intermediate Service?

Depending on the age of the car, the mileage and the manufacturer's specifications, we will advise wether your car requires a full service or an intermediate service only. Many manufacturers specify mileage or a timeline for servicing, and there are even different servicing regimes. We offer expert advice you can rely on.

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